Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sugar Cube Update

I am happy to say that after several days of returning to Mississippi food carts and being disappointed each time, The Sugar Cube was finally open!

Here's the lady I have to thank for that. No, not the owner Kir Jensen, but Liz! Who happened to be working the cart that day and was very cute and friendly. Here she is making my Strawberry Blush smoothie. If you see this HI!

After hearing my tragic story she gave me my birthday cupcake with a lit candle on it! This is the Amy Winehouse cupcake by the way, it's boozy and yes that is a coke straw (with powdered sugar), and then she and Gloria sang Happy Birthday to me. With my cupcake I also got myself a Vanilla Bean lemonade which was lovely. It's not necessarily vanilla-y, but the vanilla bean sort of smooths out the tart lemon flavor somewhat.

After my cupcake, we had some lunch at Garden State. And then I decided I had waited too long not to buy a bunch of stuff to go, so I bought a Strawberry Blush smoothie.

It's their Vanilla Bean Lemonade with strawberries, very good!

This beauty is called the Best Cherry Pie Ever! I might believe it, I'm not much into pie, but this was good, the crust was just perfect, crispy and flaky goodness, and the cherrys were sweet and tart. Oh and that's a bed of caramel at the bottom there.

And lastly the Ultimate Brownie, the outside is chewy, the middle a fudgy ganache center. Served with Fleur De Sel and olive oil, which sounds a little strange but was really, really good! Also that's whoop in the background, which is Sugar Cube slang for fresh whipped cream.

I am so glad I finally got to eat there, and I look forward to more deliciousness from them in the future!

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