Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Teals Going Away Party

Doesn't she look cute!

By the time you all read this Teal will have been in Korea for a few days already. But the three of us got together for a going away/birthday, the theme of which was Teal. Not the color, the person, we thought about what represents Teal and tried to theme it that way. I chose my lavender lolita skirt with the tea pot on it because Teal and tea are synonymous with each other, she even named her brand new blog Tea for Teal. And then wore my Grandpa Hitler sweater, because she likes it.

First off there were more pancakes at Slappy Cakes, the heart shaped one is Teals there's goat cheese, blueberries, bacon, and apples in it. Mine is on the left with apples and goat cheese, I also spread lemon curd on it as a topping. Lastly Roses on the right with what looks like bacon, apples, and goat cheese. We REALLY like our goat cheese over here.

Teal got tea of course, but Rose and I both got Kiddie Creamsicles. They were bigger then usual but still so tasty.

Arn't we cute all Teal themed! Would you call what I'm wearing lolita? Maybe bittersweet or ero, maybe even casual? Oh well don't care, I like it even if other lolitas wouldn't. I posted pictures on the Daily Lolita recently, I think I was really, really cute, matching, and covered. But someone still managed to find something to complain about *sigh*.

Even though it was Teals party she bought Rose and I going away presents from birdzNbees I got this lovely Steampunk owl. It's really pretty and very solid, I want to make it the Mega Geeks Mascot but there's probably a legal issue there somewhere. Rose got this Sparrow Locket, it was lovely and perfect for her.

After pancakes we went back to Roses house for board games. The Orient Express, New York Chase, and Pictionary.

Here's Rose with baby James head peeking out from behind a rule book.

Teal was Mr. X for New York Chase, I not going to explain that game, look it up on your own. My Adagio teas were supposed to come this day, one of which was a present for Teal. I kept waiting for a call from the grandparents (who I sent the package to), but it never came. I was not happy...


  1. Wish I had been there T_T

    It looks like you guys had fun though! You're outfits are all adorable. I would describe yours as Intellectual Lolita. You look like you should be reading Emily Dickinson and drinking some tea.

    I can't believe Teal's in Korea already! Time really flies...

  2. It's crazy right? It seems like only yesterday she was running around trying to get Roses Baby Shower ready.