Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life Stylings of the Poor and Busy

Some things from my life don't really require a whole post dedicated to them, the pictures just stay on my hard drive, I still like them, but I'm not really sure what to do with them. That being said the "random image post" will probably become a regular feature.

My tea service at Mint Tea, they've had iced tea lately so I've been drinking that, it's delicious, but not as cute to look at as the hot tea. This day I just felt like some hot tea with milk and sugar. I often go alone so I brought a Hellboy comic with me.

One of my grandmothers cats Sir Gawain (I named him), he looks like he wants you to scritch his tummy but he'll bite you if touch anything but his head the fat weirdo. He's adorable, it's difficult to tell here but his face looks more like a rabbit then a cat.

I mentioned Becky and Randall went to see Bad Teacher, this was taken weeks earlier, Becky had been talking about this movie so much that after getting out of "Super 8" I made her stand in front of the display. You know, to document her love affair.

I have the best timing EVER! I was walking around downtown after work one evening and there was a Martial Arts School doing warms ups and displays for an audience of Farmers Market-ers. I only caught the end but this guy jumps through a hoop and breaks a board with his foot, and I totally caught him in MID-AIR! And it's a clear picture, amazing!

Shop girl at my local vintage clothing store. I appreciate anyone who dresses to the nines, and she was very kind to allow me this picture of her. Randomly I was rummaging for vintage hats on Etsy and stumbled upon her shop Fab Gabs, it's got a lot of cute items, wouldn't hurt to give it a closer look.

Would you believe this is a tea Popsicle? I've been experimenting with different flavors of them all summer. there's something about a caffeinated Popsicle that just appeals to me. This one is Grapefruit black tea mixed with Blood Orange herbal to give it a strong flavor. I've also made Forest Berries and Wild Strawberry which so far has been the best textured of the bunch, Tea Rose black tea (that Randall brought me back from Butchart Gardens) and Raspberry Patch herbal. Rose Popsicles are not bad, they should be made more readily available.

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