Friday, January 27, 2012

Meow: Xmas Ghost, Sugarplums, Random

I can't believe I only picked up three shades from this collection. Santa Baby, Midnight Kiss and Vixen look so pretty, although I don't care for the fact that Meow has reused names cause I think that might get confusing.

From left to right swatched over Pixie Epoxy on top and Aromaleigh primer on the bottom.
  • Ornament: Brilliant dark gold.
  • Grinch: Venomous golden green.
  • Elf: Dark hunter green with gold shimmer and red sparkle.
Okay I admit it, I might have too many golds now.

I only bought a sample Sugarplum blush, It's a dusty rose with peach tones and pink sparkle.

I received two samples with my package. Both brown, both to dark for me to use even in the summer where the most I manage tan wise is one shade darker then normal. No I'm afraid I'll have to send these to someone who does tan.

I've swatched both of these twice, one with Pixie Epoxy at the top and Aromaleigh Primer on the bottom. And once without anything.
  • Sizzle: Bronzer, dark with diamond sparkle.
  • Jadite: Glow Powder dirt brown with multi-colored sparkle.

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  1. I really like all three of the eyeshadows you swatched here (especially the Grinch!)