Monday, September 17, 2012

Qwertee: Loki Charms

Awhile back Ript Apparel sold a Loki Charms shirt and I didn't know about it until long after it was gone. I was devastated, what I wouldn't do for a Loki Charms T-shirt! But then Qwertee got hold of the print and I jump on it faster then Thor on a snowman... I know that was a terrible joke.

My shirt! I'm so happy, it came with Haribo soda-pop gummies which is awesome AND random.

I wouldn't normally buy from one of those "1 Deal a Day" sites. I usually come to find they're not such a great deal, and I like buying multiple shirts at one time and you really can't do that on those kind of sites. Qwertee charges 12$ for today's shirts and 14$ for yesterdays, with an extra 6$ for shipping. It's not a bad for something that get's made after you order it but not a steal either. Also they ship from the U.K so it took awhile to get to me, it's understandable, but everyday I had no Loki shirt was like a fresh wound to my soul. Dramatic? Maybe.

Ript Apparels version for comparison.

As you can see my shirt is a different shade of green, my print isn't actually smaller it's just the way it's laying and my shirt is longer then Ripts that makes it seem that way. My print is a little dotty up close, but looks just fine from further away. The fabric of my shirt is fantastic, it's soft but seems like it will hold up for a long time, it's long-ish which I always appreciate in women's shirts. In fact my only real problem is even though it says 'Women' on the label it seems to have ignored that women have curves and it's too loose around the waist and too tight around the hips.

I might buy from Qwertee again, but only if they had a print I really, REALLY wanted.

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