Monday, October 1, 2012

Often Awesome At Work

A few months ago I got myself a new job in the field I eventually want to go into, Fashion Designer. Don't get me wrong I adored the Red Cross but I don't want to go into a medical field, or teaching for that matter. My boss is really awesome and I'm no where near his level of craftsmanship but I help out, and do little things he finds tedious and watch him do his thing, so hopefully, one day I'll be half as good.

He also makes me food for lunch. And sends me home with boxes of treats like chips ahoy, Fruit gummies, and half gallons of milk. Sometimes life is awesome.

We made this wedding dress about a month ago. I never got a picture of the finished product it was a last minute thing. The shoulder straps look weird because we haven't adjusted them for the bride yet.

This is the beading on the over-skirt, it's made to be detachable so the bride doesn't have to trip over it while dancing.

Another picture of the over skirt. I individually hand sewed on hundreds of little circular flaps of fabric. When it was done it looked like it was covered in white butterflies. 

The finished bust. Between fabric and time the bust all on it's own probably cost around 300$ dollars. It was really lovely, the bride however didn't like it and bought another dress at the last minute, she also hasn't paid for this one. Which is why you NEVER make a bride her wedding dress.

My official title is assistant, which involves a lot of things besides sewing. I take notes from clients, do a bit of work traveling, a lot of reminders, and sometimes accompany him shopping.

This day we stopped by some clients near Bridgeport Village so we stopped to do a few errands, and he bought me a cupcake. Chocolate with cherry frosting nummy!

My boss picking out his cupcakes.

Later this same day we picked up fabric from a clients shop and I was looking at her dresses and got super excited because "I helped make that one!" It's really cool to see something I helped with up for sale, even if my name isn't on it.


Later that same day I went tomato picking in Randalls parents backyard.

Oooh delicious tomatoes! Seriously garden cherry tomatoes are one of my favorite things, they're so flavorfull!

Randalls mom runs a cat rescue, there's always a ton of cats around but Bebe is the only cat that actually belongs to them, she has the cutest little meow, I just liked the way she looked near the marigolds.


  1. Wow I can't believe the bride didn't pay for her dress! I hope she paid some portion up front for all that work! Seriously, I'm with you I wold never want to make someone else's wedding dress, it is just too much pressure and they are so picky. That's awesome that you got to see some of your work up for sale!

    1. I think the big problem is that brides don't know what they want until they put the right dress on. Not something you can do if someone is making it from scratch.