Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Ugly Christmas Sweater

So I was thrifting through some sweaters the other day. My local Value Village already has a whole rack of Christmas ones waiting to get picked over for Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties. I don't know how popular those are in other states, but it seems like there's a different one to go to every other night in Portland during the holidays.

As I was sifting through the options I realized the more "promising" looking sweaters were all from a company called Tiara International. These sweaters sell for around 50$ new, mostly because there is a ton of just crazy (horrid/laughable) detail put into them. I mean the one right above this paragraph has working lights! That's so not okay! Who buys that un-ironicaly?

If by chance you're out looking for a Christmas sweater, consider the ugliest of the ugly of Tiara International, and maybe go shopping for it now, once we hit December there will be slim pickings and you might have to settle for something less then 100% crazy. That'd be a shame wouldn't it?

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