Monday, January 7, 2013

New Clothing

I picked up and was gifted lots of new clothes, which is pretty much the definition of going to LA for me. I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites.

I bought several blouses, the beige blouse on the left caught my eye because of the super cute collar and little bow pocket. The leggings have owls on them and the shoes are another pair of  Bamboo Brand, I think they'll be wonderful in the summer. The dress was a gift from my mom.

1. My new giant sweater from English Laundry I picked it up at a sample sale. It's on sale at the website for 70$, I got it for 25$.
2. My grandparents gave me a Betsey Johnson winter jacket. It's so awesome, they don't have it on the website anymore but Forever21 sells a pretty close copy.
3. MurMur brand dress, super comfy.

1. Glinda necklace earring set from Tarina Tarantino.
2. I bought a bunch of owl pendants for a dollar each, and I already had a bunch at home so I but them all on one chain.
3. Close up of my owl leggings.
4. Pastel Rainbow Bubble necklace.


  1. That dress is damn sexy!

    I love the leggings, sweater from English Laundry (I need to check out their webpage), the winter jacket looks great, and that rainbow bubble necklace is necessary for my life! I love it!

    I actually want to get more statement necklaces.

    You got a good haul this trip!

    1. Thanks hun!
      Maybe I'll ask mom to pick one up for me and I can give it to you as a b-day present. Do you have a color preference?

      Also I think you and Ansel would really like English Laundry. Although honestly my sample sweater is cuter then then version they sell online.

  2. You are so cool! What colors do they have?

    When I get a free moment I'm going to spend some time looking at English Laundry. I've been thinking about our conversation about vintage clothes a lot lately. I see no reason why I can't start trying to get more vintage pieces like you said. It's just a matter of finding good places to go and keeping a keen eye out. I thought I should try to identify some core pieces I should get so I'm not just looking for random stuff.