Monday, December 14, 2009

The Christmas Party

Every year my friend Heather hosts a Christmas party. It’s huge and lots of fun, always formal, and a ton of people show up. I helped decorate the mansion this year so I figured I ought to make an appearance. Also in attendance were my cosplay buddies, Maura and Rose…

Sisters of cosplay madness.

Gloria and Shannon…

Best couple ever!


Who is a Muppet for this photo.

And many more…

Heather is a busy little bee at these events, she always tried to keep everyone (but mainly herself entertained), this year we had a white elephant gift exchange where the big ticket items were a Dick Tracy lunchbox, and a Dr. Horrible Calendar.

And Sock Puppet Theater, where everyone decorates a sock, gathers into small groups, and tries to come up with a three minute skit in about 10 minutes. I made my group do excerpts from Red Dwarf, I was Holly.

But those are just the planned event’s, there are also board and card games, movies, darts, and the pool table among many others.

Which Maura and Rose decided to fall asleep on
when the game was over.

Well that’s all for now, I'll be bloging about what I wore tomorrow so stay tuned!

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