Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily Wear: Christmas Party

Why yes, that is a cupcake on my head, so glad you noticed! I bought it from Miss. D at Custom Cosplay last Kumoricon. She's a really nice girl who makes fantastic stuff that will survive the wear and tear of daily life. I've bought a ton off stuff from her and it's all very well made with great service. If you every get the chance to buy from her please do. I made sure to ask permission before attaching it to the headband, and I let her know that I wouldn't be selling it, because of course that would be wrong. And it's my cupcake after all, I want to wear it!

For the party I decided to wear my new Over the Moon dress....

Which I designed and created. It was inspired by a dream I had of a dress with a cow jumping over the moon on it. Apparently I believe in literal interpretations because the next morning I made this dress.

I'm gonna call him Rodger.

The cow was my own design and I cut him out of felt and appliqued him with 'heat and bond'. I then used a blanket stitch on the sides to tack him down. Just a tip, even if the packaging says you can just leave it, or paint it to hold the sides down. Sew it down! It looks much more finished if you do, and yes the stuff will start coming off sooner of later no matter what the directions say.

His eyes are little beads Rose gave me, they look black, but they are really very dark blue with blue sparks.

He lost one of his nostrils sometime during the evening.

I realize it doesn't seem all that christmassy, but I was going for a sugar plum fairy type thing. My rings are sparkly, and my broach was getting compliments all night.

Dress and Headband: Hand made
Cupcake: Custom Cosplay
Blouse, Leggings, and Rings: LA Fashion District
Broach: Vintage
Shoes: Steve Madden
Makeup: Aromaleigh

I'm a pretty, pretty princess.

My makeup was a mix of very pale pastel and beige colors from Aromaleigh in Champagne Toast, Tea, High Heels, Sweet Pea Frost, and Spiked Punch. It seems like a lot for such a subtle effect.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I found it loads of fun, and pretty comfortable to wear. I expect it will be pretty versatile as well and I'm looking forward to some pretty spring photos.


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