Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Photo

-->One year at Christmas, when I didn’t know them very well I messaged Maura on Myspace and asked if she and her sister might want join Anissa and myself in dressing up and going to take a picture with Santa. I mentioned that the theme was ‘Fruits’, and thus an institution was born.
This is my favorite Christmas tradition, and one that’s uniquely my own, each year we do a different theme. I look forward to doing it every year, and enjoy adding new things to it. For instance last year we tried to grab lunch at this really fantastic Korean restaurant Be-Won, but it snowed that day and it was closed. As were many of the other eateries we tried on the same street. Then we came to Kornblatts, and a new tradition was formed, we received such a warm welcome from the owner and the staff, even dressed in mega Lolita, how could we not go back.


You can see me in the mirror.

This year there was fairly good weather even if some of the roads were icy, so we were lucky to get there before the crowds.
We also picked up cake from Papa Haydens because Mauras birthday is on the 15th, and because we just like cake.

We're eating cake if you didn't know.
-->We added Hieo this year, but she’s leaving for Japan soon, sadly Maura will be joining her in a few months and this will be the last year that she’ll be able to do this with us, so I hope this year was memorable for her.

Now onto the clothing.

This is my best friend Anissa, I did her makeup and she’s wearing my jewelry, lots of it. She was really grumpy to have had to have woken up so early this morning even though it was her fault, because she's the one who chose the day.

Rose is wearing a dress that used to be a brides maid dress, Maura made a new design for it and Rose altered it.

Maura didn’t finish her dress and the morning of the photo tried to make another one that, for the most part didn’t work out. She did make her skirt though, and it’s difficult to tell but it’s covered in sparkles.

Heio happened to stay with Maura and Rose that evening and joined us that the morning. She’s wearing a lolita dress that belongs to Rose and that Maura made.

So yeah, that was our group, Happy Holidays!

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