Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Wear: Santa Photo

One year, what seems like a long time ago, I made this dress out of two different weights of jersey cotton. Which if you didn't know is a stretchy soft material with a bit of a heavy weight to it, heavy for fabric that is. It sort of forms to your curves so it's not for the body conscious, it's pretty unforgiving. I had to go out and buy invisible underwear so the seams wouldn't show.

It was warm and comfy and looked vaguely like an old fashioned night gown. I painted fleur-de-lys around the bottom of it. But I didn't like it, for you see I made it on my grandmothers very old Singer sewing machine and it did not like stretch fabrics so there was bunching fabric galore, and the neckline was too wide and oddly shaped. It was shoved in the back of my closet and I didn't think of it again until I was looking for something to wear for this years christmas picture.
I'm very sleepy.
I pulled it out and tried it on and realized it wasn't a bad little dress. I showed it to Maura and Rose who mentioned it needed a little something more on the top so I painted a border around the cuffs and bust line. I made the fastener a few months back as well and it seemed to match the old school look I was going for. The eyelashes were bought for a costume where I was going to be a doll, they are huge! I would have preferred brown ones with this outfit, but I really didn't need to spend more money.

Dress and Fastener: Handmade
Wig: Marketplace
Boots: Thrifted
Makeup: Aromaleigh in wizards gold, regifted, and party dress
Eyelashes: Sallys Beauty Supply

Maura and Rose were calling me a little French girl all day. During my turn to have photos taken a mother and daughter walked over and commented us on all our outfits, they said we looked beautiful and took our group picture for us.

Later at Kornblatts I was coming from the bathroom and was standing behind this guy who was getting ready to leave (Kornblatts is a small place) and the woman next to him (probably his mother) told him to let the angel past, referring to me. I guess my fastener does look a little like a ruffly halo.

It was a big awww moment, in fact when I told everyone about it in the car later that's what they did.

So anyway, we had lots of fun, after wearing this dress for a day I'm very much in love with it, it's warm, cozy, stretchy, and cute. I think I'll wear it for Christmas too!

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