Monday, December 7, 2009

Daily Wear: National Lolita Day

You can see up my nose.

As you may or may not know yesterday was National Lolita Day. It's bi-annual so it falls on the first Saturday of December and June. I'm a very casual lolita, I adore the style but I'm not interested in wearing a poofy skirt everyday, not when there are so many other styles that demand my attention.

I spent today helping my friend Heather decorate her house for Christmas, I'll post more on that tomorrow, for now here's a run down of my outfit.

Skirt and Bow: Handmade
Blouse: Forever 21
Leggings: LA Fashion District
Leg Warmers: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Earth Origins
Earrings: Nekopan
Makeup: Aromaleigh
Jacket: LA Fashion District

I see a lot of lolita clothing online that I just love, but I have no interest in spending so much money on clothes that I won't wear very often, so I make my lolita. I have three outfits and counting, this one actually has a matching top and giant butt bow, but I figured that would be too fancy for what I was planning on doing that day.

The skirt itself is made out of flannel I had lying around, plus some very sweet cream colored lace, it was my Christmas outfit last year. The boots are not very lolita (I tried to disguise them with my legwarmers without much luck) but I knew I would be going up and down a ladder all day so I wanted something functional, otherwise I would have worn my gold heels. They are also two sizes too big because there were on sale, I needed them, and it was the closest to my size they had in stock.

My Makeup is Aromaleigh in Cookie Party, Time Square, and Lulu with Sweet Pea Frost as a highlighter. Live the red is not so bright it was actually very warm and soft.

The earrings were made by my friend Jen of Nekopan Bakery, they're champagne pink pearls, very sweet and classy, and they go with just about everything.

I also wanted to include a picture of my jacket, the brand is e-klha if anyone wants to know. It's more steampunk than lolita but it works in a casual setting. Most of the seams are sewn inside out, there are wings appliqued on the back as well as faux lacing. You can't see it there's an stylized cross on the front as well. It really doesn't keep me warm enough this time of year but it's so cute I can't stop wearing it.

Anyway, that's what I wore, how about you?

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