Friday, February 19, 2010

Clyde Common

Clyde Common is a restaurant in Portland that I've been dying to go to. They're menu changes daily, but it always seems to have really unique flavors whenever I check.

We went there for Valentines dinner.

Becky ordered a drink, it was very gingery. Seriously Beckys breath was awesome after that drink, which was lucky because she's a lightweight and get's really close to your face when she laughs.

Like many restraunts they served us bread, foccocia with sea salt on top served with olive oil. It was really good, I don't know if that's because it was really well made, or because I hadn't eaten anything else that day.

Our starters were marinated olives and almonds, and white bean paste. Which were good, but not exciting, the marinade seemed to be just olive oil, the white bean paste was just a watery hummus, and served with only three thin peices of bread. Three? Not only is that ridiculously small for the amount of dip, but there were four of us.

An amuse was served to us, a leek soup shot, with prosciutto, and fig paste. I had no idea how to eat it, but it was fantastic! The flavors worked together really well and gave me great hope for the rest of the meal. Hope that was quickly dashed.

Randall ordered a medium well steak with grilled romaine and quail eggs. It cost 21$ and it was tiny, completely charred on the outside, and look at the picture, that looks like medium rare to me.

This pasta dish was 18$, and you're eyes are not deceiving you, it was that small. I don't remember Becky mentioning it was very good either. Normally I would have asked to try it, but I was worried Becky wouldn't have enough to eat if I did.

My dish was probably the best, fried pork shank with pickled red onions and crispy spatzel. It was 19$, a pretty good size and the ingredients complimented each other.

Heathers dish wasn't even worth taking a picture of, she had a green salad, which was maybe 5 lettuce leaves with a tiny amount of vinaigrette. No variety in the lettuce, it was almost depressing to look at.

Despite the amuse and my dish the whole trip was rather disappointing and I felt embarrassed for making my friends go there with me. We went to Voodoo Doughnuts afterwords.

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