Monday, February 22, 2010

The Nice Day

We've been blessed with so many nice days lately, it's amazing. Can this really be the Pacific North West? I'm not sure I believe it. It was no nice, Rose and I were interested in doing something fun and inexpensive one afternoon, so we thought we would hold a small photo shoot. Of course by the time we actually got our clothes and makeup on the sun was setting. And it was so spur of the moment I didn't have time to charge my camera, so Rose is holding many of the more interesting photos hostage on her camera.

The balloons from the Valentines Tea Party made for great props. I grabbed them randomly on the way out! They kept trying to run away when the wind picked up though.

I'm wearing Rose's Ashlotte wig, she doesn't own a wig brush so I couldn't comb it with anything but my fingers, and the fiber is kinda cheap (but it's so cute!), I didn't want to mess with it too much. She's technically given the wig to me, but I still consider it hers. We have issues sharing wigs, not because we're clingy or anyway, but because something about our face shape or skin tone make it so that if a wig looks good on one of us, it won't on the other, it's very odd.

I have pretty gas!

Hopefully Rose will free some of the other pictures, and I can share them with you all. I think there might be better pictures of the make up too *sigh*.


  1. I love these pictures of you- I can't believe that wig actually works for somebody!

  2. It must work for some people, I mean they sell them right?

    I think the ones of Rose came out really cute though, I keep forgetting to tell her they're here.