Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Nice Day: Rose

I'm really proud of the way my pictures of Rose came out, I think if I ever had an interest I could make a pretty decent photographer. Rose makes a good model too, her face has really interesting angles, it looks awesome in pictures. Unlike my face which is pretty much just round everywhere, bah!

It was interesting dressing Rose this day. She insisted that the first outfit I picked for her had too much pink in it (it was cute!), and after several minutes of wearing it decided on something else. Oh well, I guess not everyone appreciates color the way I do.

I also did her makeup, the eyeshadow was epic! I asked her to pick a base color, she chose purple, and I just built up around it. After these pictures were taken she put on lipstick, but by that time my camera had died.

We didn't spend a whole time by this wall even though it was nice for photos, almost as soon as we walked up we were accosted by a hobo who stood really close to us, watching for a good 5 minutes and telling Rose she needed a pole.

Homeless people love Rose for some reason, that happens to her a lot.

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