Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mauras Farewell Party

My friend Maura is leaving to be a teacher in Japan, she'll be gone for a few years at least, so she deserves a rocking going away party!

Maura embraces her Irish heritage like nobody's business and had a Potato Themed Potluck, I brought mashed potatoes, and there was potato salad, potato pancakes, and sweet potatoes dessert!
Rose made a Godzilla cake.

For the purposes of this cake the part of Godzilla will be played by an iguana.

I met new friends, and saw people I haven't seen in years.

Rock Band was played all night, many songs were butchered, including my rendition of Queens Fat Bottomed Girls.

Rachaels birthday was the same day as the party, so we picked her up some phallic treats.

Aren't they cute.

Gloria and Heather

Myself and Katherine being adorable.

I'm really glad for Maura, super happy, really! But I'm also mega sad she's leaving, we all had so much fun together and it will be hard to adjust to my new Maura-less life. Have I also mentioned I'm a little jealous? What?! I'm not going to lie about it.

But yeah still happy! So have a fantabulous time in Japan Maura, and don't forget about us!


  1. I could never forget you guys, you cosplay with me and make me awesome Godzilla/Iguana cakes. You better come visit me as soon as you can!

  2. Sadly I cannot take credit for the Godzilla cake.

    But yes I will do my best to try and visit you!