Monday, March 1, 2010

PDX: Maura

We started off our day taking pictures by the pool of an abandoned hotel.

Maura settled on an outfit based on something called a Bookanear. I'm not really familiar with it myself, but the idea was cute.

After lunch we walked over to Powells, and there's this giant eggbeater type statue outside of it. Which of course Maura had to climb on.

All roads lead to and from Powells Books. Apparently Bookanears are like mountain climbers but with book shelves. It was good we weren't kicked out...

Maura with her new favorite book, 'The Sex Lives of Cannibals'.

Then it was to the creepy face statues, where we took dozens of pictures of us sticking body parts through their mouths.

We finished off at the rose garden. Perfect quote for the place!

I loved that little house, it would have been great to put someone up on the roof!

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