Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PDX: Rose

So it was actually Roses idea to go to the abandoned hotel. I have to admit it made for some interesting pictures, we didn't realize the pool would have water in it though. I hope they drain it this summer, it could be a serious hazard otherwise.

The hotel was located on the edge of the Colombia River, it's really sad it's such a beautiful spot, it sucks that this place has been left to rot for so long.

Get that eggbeater Rose! You may recognize the shoes, they're mine! They looked adorable with the outfit, the sock are mine too although Rose mentioned neither were very comfortable.

We thought the book was funny. The Empire Strikes Back comic, in Spanish. Those cute holographic clips are mine too.

The Rose Garden had many cute spots for a lovely person like Rose, this gnarled tree for instance.

Or this railing!

Or this fountain of youth!

I did everyone's makeup, but Rose was the only one of us who had interesting eyeshadow on so I made sure to take a picture of it. The colors are Lime Crime in Elf, Primadonna, and Circus Girl.

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