Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PDX: Arika

It's weird, until I looked at these pictures I never noticed the graffiti of sodapop on the wall of the pool there.

Oh the nitty gritty of a pool, washer of ducks, breeder of west Nile virus!

Maura took this candid picture of me while waiting for my lunch. The lady in the stall and I were trading stories about when we used to dye our hair.

To Powells for some quick shots next to the eggbeater statue! I didn't get any pictures of myself inside the store, the comic book section was too crowded.

And the creepy face statue that tried to eat me. I thought it was a cool idea, but it kinda looks like a dog carrying a bone.

Rock Band on the street! I sang 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's Maps' (why is that even on Rock Band?), and 'Weezers Say it Ain't So.'

At the Rose Garden there's this big geometrical statue, it looks oddly out of place. But In the summer there's some sort of water works that makes em more interesting.

I had to climb on it of course.

No remorse!

Then as an encore I had to climb a tree.

And was then promptly told to act like a monkey!

On the way down I broke a branch that was growing at the base of the tree, I felt bad but I kinda figured they would have to chop it off anyway. Don't blame me tree, blame society!

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