Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shining Force Feather: Photoshoot

My favorite photo from the shoot. It happened on accident, I was holding the flash umbrella like a real one and Cliff snapped a few shots.

Saturday evening we made a quick trip back to out hotel room for some makeup, and then it was back to the convention center to meet up with Cliff.

He turned out to be a really cool guy, anybody looking for some great photos in the Seattle area should look him up.

I told Rose to jump so maybe it would look like she was flying. It looks more like she's hovering, but still.

This is my being all evil with our sweet Rose. Technically Lavinia IS one of the bad guys in the game, but I get the impression that's she's not really all THAT bad, and that Roses character Cocotte isn't all that good.

You don't know how hard it is to spin and looks cool until they put you in a weird outfit and take your glasses off. That sir is a true test of character.

My wig fell off while taking the above photo. Oh and have I mentioned that every 5 minutes or so we were being interrupted for a photo from some con-goer. We were very lucky Cliff was experienced at this because Rose and I had no idea what to do, we're not used to turning people down for pictures. But he would wave them off. Or if he was doing some set up he would say it was fine, it really was pretty helpful.

Rose as Cocotte with her Angelic Fork. I'm proud to say I helped a lot with this costume. I did all the vaccum-forming, the quilting for the dress and the sleeves. I helped with the wings all 4 times and did most of the painting on the weapon. My favorite part was painting the weapon, which we took to calling the Angelic Fork, even up close it looked so cool.

See that black line? That's what holds me up right.

Cliffs website can be found here. He's quite personable and easy to work with, I hope I get the opportunity to do it again soon.

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