Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food Carts

Welcome to the glory that are the Portland Food Carts. Unlike carts in other cities that change spots, most Portland food carts rent space in vacant lots and stay in the same place at all times. Because of this several carts group together so there's a variety of different delectable items to choose from. It's the cutting edge of cuisine, and where all the new and interesting food is coming from now a days.

The carts we went too this day were off of 12th and Hawthorne.

Shannon got himself some pastors from the taco cart. Which is incredibly clean and fresh that even I would eat there.

Here Gloria is in front of Potato Champion, they're known for making poutine, a Canadian style dish of frys with cheese curds dumped on top, similar to nachos but possibly even more unhealthy. I bet they're good but we went with some regular pom-frites this time.

They come in a cone and are delicious.

There are a variety of sauces and dips you can order with them, the above is rosemary and truffle oil ketchup, it was awesome.

This is me with my fried pie from my favorite food cart Whiffies. This one is brisket with mozzarella, sooooo good.

Shannon and I also bought dessert crepes from the stand. I got a smore's crepe, and Shannon got himself a cinnamon and sugar crepe with a splash of Frangellico.

The crepe cart also makes smoothies and milkshakes so I bought myself a Lavender and Honey Milkshake which was tasty and made my breath smell awesome.

Oh Portland how I adore you and your odd ways, did I mention the crepe cart was playing a CD of a creepy children's choir. Along with the previously mention carts there's Yarp?! which serves pasta and burgers, Pyros Pizza, and a creole cart that does BBQ and gumbo.

Out of towers might be remembering their past experiences with dirty water wiener carts, rest assured we have higher standards here.

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