Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glorias 25th Birthday

Gloria and I have been buddies since High School. She's the kind of person everybody wants to be friends with, she's super smart, funny, and incredibly nice. This year her party theme was Musicals. It was going to be Godzilla, but I think maybe Musicals gives more variety.

Here she is being all adorabible! She was dressed as Penny from Dr. Horrible, post-mortem, that is a gun coming out of her stomach! It took some time to find that dress, and she ruined her coffee table putting the gun on. We had several people from Dr. Horrible there, we also had many Rent 'extras'. And Mike dressed up as Elwood Blues.

But he left early to resume his 'Mission from God'.

Rose dressed as Blind Mag from Repo: The Genetic Opera.

We actually finished the dress just before the party.

I took a few quick shots of her outside, but it was pretty cold and the fabric of her dress is shear.

No time for contacts or the giant eyelashes, but I did Roses makeup, I think it turned out pretty good actually!

Glorias Birthday Cake was also from Repo. This is Amber Sweet, her face was not staying on so well, but as you can see there are zydrate bottles all around, she can't feel a thing.

Here I am in my Cinderella dress. Rose on one side and out hostess Heather on the other. Heather wanted to go as Sharpei from High School Musical, but her hair was too heavy to stay up.

My makeup was very pastel and glittery. I must have done three different looks before I settled on this one. I don't even remember what colors I'm wearing at this point. The lipstick had worn off for this picture but it was a lovely dark berry color.

Mike brought Voodoo to the party and saved me a Grape Ape, mostly because he knows I'd go absolutely bitch cakes on anyone who ate it. He took this photo real quick cause that doughnut was gone in seconds.

Heather and Becky, Becky doesn't dress up for anything, but the bright pink shirt was a nice color on her.

Rose and Anissa

Our attire made it a bit difficult to maneuver once the party started jumping so Rose and I spent much of the evening in the Karaoke room doing duets together and with others. People would filter in and out and sing with us, lots of fun!

All in all a successful party, I'm pretty sure Gloria had a great time, she got money, and gift cards, and the keys to a Shiny New Australia! Now if that doesn't guarantee happiness I don't know what does?

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