Monday, May 10, 2010

Cinderella Dress Construction

A very close friend of mine decided to choose Musicals as her birthday theme I wasn't planning on anything big because I'm poor and I really shouldn't. But you know I really have a reputation to uphold here.

So while shopping for parts of her costume we made a quick trip to the fabric store. I bought myself some cheap fabric that changes color depending on what light is on it. It could be lavender, or blue, or even silver. I also bought shear baby blue embroidered fabric. I wanted to do my own thing but I also wanted the character to be recognizable.

I started out with a basic dress pattern but only sewed down to the waist line. Next I cut out triangles of extra fabric to sew into the open slits. This will give the princess poof that you desperately need in a Cinderella dress.

The sleeves got sewn in next and then the lineing so the top stayes nice and stiff.

As said I still wanted to do my own thing which included a cascade of rhinestones down the bust. On the sleeves and the over-bustle as well.

I made the over-bustle detachable so I can more easily take the dress on and off. It also changes the shape of the dress to do so and I think that will let me use it for other things.

All together the whole costume cost around 70$, which isn't too bad. Party pictures will be comming later. And I've already done a photoshoot with pictures forth coming from that.


  1. Aw! That's beautiful. I wonder how much the fabric cost.

  2. I think it was only like 40$ for all the fabric, it was pretty cheap stuff.