Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Silent Hill Photoshoot

Dear readers, I'm sure most of you think I'm sweet as candy (yeah, right!), but I'm here to tell you I have a darker side, a side few have witnessed, and that is Zombie Arika! Ahhhhhh....

Ummm, yeah. So If you live near the Portland Metro area you will soon realize that we dig Zombies, like REALLY! We have special events like the Zombie Walk, and Zombie Prom. It's really not uncommon to see people walk down the street with fake blood running from their mouths and wielding plastic body parts. And even though there was no specific Zombie event this particular day most people just shruged at the sight of me and said, "That's Portland for you." Yes my friends we live in a great country.

Rose is currently taking a photography class at her college. She was supposed to take several pictures that have the same kind of 'feel' to them between several blocks on Burnside for a total of three hours.

It had been nice ALL week, and then the day Rose and I had settled on for the photo-shoot rolls around and it's 40 degrees and hailing, and snowing, and windy. Seriously, I thought I was going to die this day. We started at 6pm, and had to stay until 9, we didn't have to spend the entire time outside but each time I moved inside to out or vice versa the change in temperature hit me like a brick wall. Later in the evening it was so cold I started getting leg cramps (oh why can't Silent Hill nurses wear leg warmers?!).

The makeup for this was a collaboration between myself and Rose. I did everything on the face including the eyeshadow. I also did all the veins which I love! They look a little dark in some pictures but they were fun to paint. I did gray on the upper part of my body where at Rose did my legs. She also put the blood on me, it came out gloopy to begin with and didn't stay on very well, but we accidentally got some water in the bottle and it came out much thinner and more runny but stayed in place 10 times better than the blood we put on earlier.

My favorite picture of the day! Perfect Zombie pose!

I regret that the costume is not mine. It belong to Roses sister Maura and it was bequeathed to me until she returns from Japan. It is also kind of big on me and we had to put a safety pin in the back so it forms to my curves, of which are pretty minimal anyway.

This one was taken in the children's book section of Powells. We were largely ignored except for one mom who looked over to her kid and asked him, "Can you say Zombie?" I love Portland, if there's ever a Zombie Apocolypse all the kids are going to die.

Here you can see what the skirt looks like untucked. I did my fair share of flashing this day, I can't tell you how many pictures Rose took of my underwear, it was nice to be able to untuck and walk around, still pretty slutty, but not AS bad.