Monday, June 7, 2010

National Lolita Day part 1

Without Glasses...

Good morning folks. National Lolita day started out as just another day for me, as I had to work.

With glasses, now you don't have to choose.

Still wishing to celebrate, I went to work in very simple punk lolita style with black wet look leggings and the not as poofy purple dress I made Heather for the last meetup.

The place I worked was Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. The facilities are nice, but getting there with all my Red Cross material was not lolita friendly. To get to this conference room you have to park in the parking garage, walk across a skybridge, go up a floor and then walk to the opposite side of the building from the elevators.

And I did this with 4 bags of adult mannequins, 2 bags of infant mannequins, 1 student first aid kit, 1 instructor box, my instructor bag, and my purse. Needless to say the next morning I hurt.

Here are some Steves lined up for you.

And myself pretending to be a Steve.

Here he is, lined up and ready for CPR.

And again having CPR preformed on him!

Rose works in the cafeteria at the Hospital so I got to have lunch with her, she wasn't feeling good, and didn't know it was National Lolita day so she wasn't dressed up..... yet!


  1. I didn't know there was a National Lolita day!

  2. It's Bi-Annual. So the first Saturday in June and December.