Tuesday, June 8, 2010

National Lolita Day part 2

Rose and I met up when we got off work. I had discovered a contest from St. Cupcake that we HAD to try and enter and we thought between National Lolita Day and the PDX Starlight Parade we might win!

It took us quite awhile to figure out what we wanted to wear. Rose lost her petticoat and is wearing Mauras not so fluffy one, and her Ashelotte skirt under her lolita. She's also wearing my shirt, belt and socks.

I had to find lolita that matched my cupcake headband, which of course nothing did, but I tried my best anyway.

It's truly sad how my crappy camera couldn't pick up how awesomely colorful everything was that night.

Just for reference here's a non flash (which always takes blurry pictures) it would have been so pretty though....*sigh*.

Anyway, wish us luck with the contest, and I hope everyone had a Happy Lolita Day!

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