Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outting: 06/17/10

Rose and I have been putting off a trip to Lush for awhile and decided to finally get together and just do it! Stuff sort of spiraled out from there and we went to a french bakery St. Honores, to visit Gloria, St. Cupcake, and a Farmer's Market that just so happened to be smack in the middle of it all.

Cupcakes we bought: Top row, left to right: Vanilla cake with strawberry frosting, Pumpkin Spice with cream cheese frosting, Chocolate cake with chocolate butter-cream. Bottom row, left to right: Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut, The Big Top a vanilla cake with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting, and yes it is neon pink! I can't remember what the last one was probably just vanilla. St. Cupcakes makes the best cupcake in the city. That honor would go to Sugar Cube if they kept regular hours, but they don't... GO ST. CUPCAKE!!!

There's never any parking near the store so we went a few blocks down, and I'm glad we did cause Rose and I discovered these awesome candy colored houses.

The green with the purple posts is my favorite I'd love to do a photo shoot there with the cars all gone. I bet it would be cute.

There were also a lot of lovely flowers in bloom so I snapped a pictures of a bush as I walked by.

After St. Cupcake we headed over to the Farmers Market, Rose wanted to look for a Father's Day gift.

I love Farmers Markets, I grew up in Seattle near Pike Place and I sometimes yearn for all the good food they have there. I'm never awake when they're open around here so this was a nice surprise. Rose ended up buying her dad some pear butter and some chocolate stout cheese. While there we had a crepe and some limeade. Which was good but we wanted strawberry lemonade, we're just so picky!

At the market we parked near an art gallery that had some really rocking doors.

This picture cannot do this door justice. There's distressed gold metal detail around the outside that didn't photograph too well. And a pyramid shape on top that wouldn't fit in the frame.

This doors is a gate to another door, it was what first caught my eye. I love Portland, everywhere you go there's something interesting to look at.

Here's a picture of the little statue that was above the gate.

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