Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend at the Coast

Over the 4th of July weekend I went to the Oregon Coast to visit my dad who lives in South Beach, just across the bridge from the City of Newport. I invited Heather to come with me, I never go alone, it's just such a long drive and it's nice to have someone who likes the same things I like.

We woke up to dad making us Waffles with strawberry's and vanilla ice cream. We then all went down to the local Farmers Market to pick up a ton of berries and vegetables for dinner and the next mornings breakfast. After a little more shopping it was down to the bay front for the tourist traps.

First was the Wax Works Museum

Heather likes it cause it's purple.

The guys from MASH are just hanging out.

Heather Found Bigfoot

And ET

A pirate found her.

The LOTR exhibit was BAAADD! I think they just took figures that looked similar, slapped an outfit and a wig on them, and that was that.

Heather and I both sat down to test our 'Passion Factor" we both got Uncontrollable.

After Wax Works it was over to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum

Heather with desecrated African Witch Doctors mask.

Double, double boil and trouble.

A mummy? At Ripleys? Okay I'll go with it.

This harp actually works, no strings just lasers.
Heather with the Fiji Mermaid.

Afterwards we also went to the Undersea Garden but that place not not really conductive to pictures. Later since it was still nice we walked around the bay front.

That's the Yaqina Bay bridge in the background, it's very pretty, but not fun to drive over.

Heather and I

The sea lions around the bay are a bit of a problem, they're much fatter and lazier then other sea lions, they break into the crab pots and steal from fish nets. Many of the docks in the area are surrounded in barbed wire to discourage them from climbing up.

Okay so you never see murals anywhere but ocean cities, in Newport they're everywhere, this was one of the prettier ones, less cartoonish then some.

After wasting some the day away it was time to make dinner.

I fought with my dads stove a bit but I finally made these Smoked Salmon Puffs, and some Tian Provencal.

The neighbor girls came over this is Keira, she adores me, not joking about that. She calls me her best friend and was constantly telling me she loved me. FYI I'm only 2 years younger then her parents.

I don't know what I was demonstrating here. Keira doesn't seem to be paying attention anyway.

Dad lives only a little ways from a private beach so we went down there, it was pretty nice this day, for the Oregon Coast at least.

Then we cleaned up and it was time for Smore's!

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