Friday, July 30, 2010

3rd Annual Nekopan Picnic

My wonderful friend Jen runs a small convention bakery called Nekopan which I adore more than anything. We met officially one spring when she made a test run wedding cake and needed people to help eat it. On the Nekopan forms she called for people to join her for the first Nekopan Picnic. We made a lot of new friends that day, it was so enjoyable that the next year we did it again.

I was very busy the week leading up to the picnic, I was working every day, I baked 2 batches of cookies and one batch of meringues, made 2 different jugs of drinks, and see that dress I'm wearing. Three days before the picnic I decided I didn't have anything to wear and made my outfit in 2 days.

Rose in her Little Red Riding Hood halloween costume, yep that's supposed to be blood at the bottom there.

Heather and her X-Men picnic blanket, 12 kinds of awesome!

Jen is the lovely lady with the purple flower, Qat, Patrick, and Jens corgie Shawn.

Nathan, Patrick, and Gloria.

Becky down at the side bottom there, then Anissas new boyfriend Adam, and Anissa. They're Mormon and we were drinking a little (peach schnapps with punch) so they didn't stay long.

Randall on top of cheap playground equipment, it was just a concrete tube. We held the picnic at a park near our apartment because Jen lives only a few block away from me now. Though I still rarely see her.

Shannon is about to terrify Randall.

I had fun on the monkey bars, which were high up, but only about 5 ft across.

Jen, Shawn, and Rose.

Everybody brought food so there was planty to eat, Jen brought bubbles and a few people brought Frisbees. We all very much enjoyed the bubbles which were scented.

I claimed the cotton candy scented ones.

Heather claimed the grape ones, because they're purple of course.

Randall stole my cotton candy ones, and Shannon is using green apple.

We were really happy with our picnic spot in the shade, Randall put out his big fuzzy blanket and most people congregated on that when they were finished eating.

I had a really good time, and I hope everyone else did too. I love my friends and I hope we can continue this tradition for years to come!

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