Monday, August 2, 2010

Lissy Elle

Recently a friend introduced me to the wonderful photography of Lissy Elle. Her work has a magical, fairy tale quality, she seamlessly adds detail that can be easily missed. I've been constantly seeing things in her pictures that I missed when I looked at them before.

Battle for the Kingdom

This is my new favorite picture EVER! The 'boat' of floral sheets, the stars and the moon, the dragons shadow. You can really feel the story behind this picture.


Another one of those images that conveys a story. It's also a good example of the amount of detail Lissy put into her pictures. The balloons, the train set, the paper stars taped to the last makeshift tent. All used to create a feeling in the viewer.

Seven Fragile Things

Just beautiful, can you spy Lissy in this picture? This picture makes me feel like when I was a little girl and caught butterflies to get a good look at them, and then let them go.

Theory of Creation

Stunning image. Mason jars splattered with black light paint I believe. Described as if god kept his universes in individual jars al la Men in Black.

You can see more of Lissy Elles works on her Flickr.

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