Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seattle Trip

Some friends and I took a trip to Seattle last weekend. I grew up in Seattle, I don't find it to be a very 'nice' place, it's loud, very crowded, even the homeless are more pushy. I was solicited for drugs one evening and that's NEVER happened to me in Portland. But my friends were excited, and it was technically free for me so long as I drove.

We woke up early to avoid traffic, but arrived at our hotel too early to check in so we checked the car only and walked down to Pike Place Market.

I have to admit, one of the few things I miss about Seattle is Pike Place, it's always crowded which doesn't appeal, but they have the market on fresh food and flowers. They are also open till about 5 pm. Which is nice cause most farmers markets close before I'm even awake. Also Randall fell in love with a comic book store.

After Pike Place our next stop was the Seattle Underground.

We started our tour in Doc Maynard tavern named after Seattles primary found father. Where we got a quick history lesson before we went underground.

Our tour guide in front of a picture of the old town of Seattle, before it was burned down.

From left to right.
  • Underground skylight, areas used for speakeasy's. During prohibition Seattle had more speakeasies then it had bar before or afterwords.
  • Kind of a pretty toilet, probably one that exploded.
  • Gears and rubble
  • 111 Yesler street, the reason Seattle has an underground is because after the fire they planned on making the streets higher. However businesses in the area needed money and this would take awhile. So buildings were made at street level with really tall doorways so when they would raise the streets that bottom level would be a basement.
  • A original stool fixture.
  • Original paint job.
The next day we visited the Science Fiction Museum

So cool, lots of books and authors I'd never heard of, tons of memorabilia and actual props from movies and television shows.

From Left to right
  • Dress from an old sci-fi movie I think, can't really remember, I just though it was odd how this dress was considered Sci-fi back in the day, but it would be considered pretty common place now a days.
  • One of Kirks shirts from Star Trek the original series.
  • Police car from Blade Runner.
  • Original outfit from Shazzam
  • Robot attached to the outside of the building.
  • Donatello costume from TMNT3.
History of Science Fiction wall, pretty big, I like that they included Stitch.

This is the ceiling of the Sky Church, those jelly fish things move up and down. The Sky Church connects the Sci-Fi and Music Museums, we had tickets for both though the only thing that interested me was this....

The collection of Diana Ross and the Supremes stage outfits.

Sunday we were leaving, but not without breakfast at The Crumpet Shop.

Becky had a sweet crumpet with maple butter and ricotta.

Randall and I both had pesto, tomato, and Parmesan cheese, it was really good, warm, flaky, and buttery.

I got myself a mug of Irish Breakfast tea, the girls working in the shop complimented my rainbow nails. Made me feel a little better about the whole trip.

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