Friday, August 6, 2010

Inception Review

My first thoughts upon seeing the preview for Inception was that it reminded me of Dark City a 1998 film staring Rufus Sewell. At the time I was too young to see the movie in theaters but I watched it over and over again on HBO and Showtime when it came out, and I remember thinking it was one of the best things I'd even seen.

And I think Inception does have some of the stylistic quality of Dark City with it's allusions to Escher and art deco architecture. And a similar plot of wondering if the world around you is real or not.

Having finally seen Inception I also noticed many allusions to the two Evangelion movies as well which was surprising. However unlike Dark City and Evangelion, I never felt lost in the story, or that it was purposely trying to confuse me. Inception moves quite fast, and quickly throws large amounts of information your way but I feel you can always understand what's going on. It's a good movie that stands on an incredibly firm foundation of logic, sci-fi, and wonderful acting.

The cast for Inception is beautiful, not only are all these people stellar actors, but they are all extraordinary pretty. Our main couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Marrion Cotillard have both been nominated for so many awards during their careers it makes my head spin. Joseph Gordon Levit was my personal teenage crush and he's never looked better with slicked back hair and a three piece suit. There's been some Oscar buzz about his acting performance as well. Ellen Page is adorable as always, and I think honestly the only other thing I've seen Tom Hardy in was Star Trek: Nemesis where he played Picards gay clone. He managed to keep the same air of importance without going too over the top.

I recommend seeing it, it's a good movie that you probably enjoy if you have any sense at all. It's not like Dark City where I felt the urge to watch it over and over again. The same things that make Inception a good movie, it's easy to follow explanations, could also hold it back from a cult following. And movies 'like' Inception NEED a cult following. In fact the only place the movie makes the viewer think for themselves is the very end. So whereas people will discuss what really happened in Blade Runner and 2001 decades after their releases, that more then likely won't happen with Inception. I'm not saying that's necessarily as bad thing, I bought the movie after all.

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