Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trip to Long Beach: Part 2

After breakfast at the hotel we packed up and checked out. We wanted to look around the town before we left and of course we had to stop by Marsh's Free Museum.

Oh Marsh's, part gift shop, part Museum, part horror show.

This is Jake the alligator man. Long Beaches most famous resident.

Randall is hitting on Mary Lou the Skeleton.

From left to right:
  • The top half of a Polar Bear, set over the exit, so you only notice it as your leaving.
  • Owl on steroids. I remember this from my childhood, it's actually a deer butt.
  • Along with all the taxidermy Marsh's also own several pre-jukebox music machines that just look like large music boxes. Old fortune telling machines like this one. And peep-show boxes, where you put a coin in, turn the crank, and some girl undressed for you.
  • Two headed calf, dates at over 100 years old.
  • Jackalope, speaks for itself.
  • Wyoming Werewolf, I'm pretty sure this is another deer butt.
I really enjoyed the look of this fortune telling machine, I thought it was quite pretty, but we couldn't get it to work.

After Marsh's we left the car and walked around town.

They had just ended a sand sculpture contest and the finished products were still up for people to look at.

Although I don't see the reason for a christmas tree in July I really loved this sand sculpture, it was about the size of a real Christmas tree with little individual packages underneath.

These were out in a kids play area, I always wanted to be a mermaid.

Long Beach is known for it's drift wood sculptures, they're everywhere in this town. This was one of the nicer ones.

Our ultimate goal for our walk was to find Rose an ice cream shop that made their own waffle cones. SUCCESS!

Once back in the car Cape Disappointment was out next stop.
Named because some sea captain couldn't find the mouth of the Columbia River and ended up here instead. It's really anything but disappointing. If it had been a nice day going down to the beach might have been a good option as the waves were very small.

Beards Hollow look out.

Rose convinced me to do a mini photoshoot.

Black Lake, so named because the lake plant life is so thick you can barely see anything, it really does look black in real life, even on nice days.

We thought this place was funny Seoul Food, a Korean restaurant in the middle of nowhere. It looks like they've been closed for while though.

We also stopped really quick in Westport at a restaurant called the Berry Patch, we bought jams, berry infised mustard and some berry wine. They berries were good, but none of us were too sure about the food so we moved on to the next town.

Wauna and a place called Humps, so named for it's Camel decor, but I don't know about that...
We ate a quick lunch, it was a bit of an old person restaurant, not a huge amount of flavor, and the sauces were all watery, but it was nice not to be eating sand, and the service was friendly, with a back view to die for. Seriously from the front of this restaurant you would have no idea there was a creek back there.

Back home I invited everyone for some dinner. We tried to roast marshmallows over the grill since it had been to smoky to roast them over the fire at the beach, but that didn't work out so well, so we tried the stove.

Let me tell you a stove top works pretty well. It's easy with no smoke and difficult to burn. However if a marshmallow comes loose and lands on your burner you're screwed. They also don't have the nice smoky flavor a fire would give them.

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