Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trip to Long Beach

Randall has recently gotten some time off, he tends to get jealous of all the fun things his friends get to do and so we took an over night trip to Long Beach WA.

We promptly got stuck in traffic trying to get over the bridge in Longview. A short trip that should only have taken us 2 minutes took us an hour. Rose and I spent the time listening to my mp3 player, while weird things happened in the seat behind us.

Eventually we did get to the beach.

Heather and Randall celebrated by drinking their alcoholic beverage of choice.

We put dinner on the grill. It was teriyaki marinade chicken with vegies. My first time trying something like this, it turned out quite yummy.

It did take longer then expected to cook.

Along with the grill Randall wanted to start a fire, he went to collect burnt bits of wood from other fires.

And dug a hole.

Man creates fire.

He was proud of himself.

In dune grass. My legs are sooo white still.

Rose found a stick to roast marshmellows on.

It was cold at the beach, and pretty windy, the smoke from our fire what whipping around so much we couldn't enjoy it, so after we ate we went back to the hotel where everyone had a shower and watched cartoons.

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