Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekend at the Coast: Part 3

This was my last day with my dad, I decided to take it easy and spend time with them. We went up to Cape Perpetua, the visitors center had a few learning tools set out....
Which I then tried to eat...

Heather liked the starfish, she didn't try to eat it.

There were a bunch of waterspouts, if you fell in you'd be pretty dead. We traveled up the hill further to get the full view.

It was less windy too. So pretty, you can see 70 miles in one direction, 30 in the other.

Queen Annes Lace

Heather with some Foxglove, it grows along roadsides on the coast, more there then anywhere else, it's weird.


Buttercups, which are pretty, but an invasive species.

We investigated a rocky beach, the tide was out, and this adorable sign was telling us about the animals in the area was there to greet us.

However I mostly just saw muscles and small green anemones.

My dad doesn't like his picture being taken, but it was the last day, and Heather wanted the picture, and Catherine (his wifey) took it, so he kinda had to sit still.

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