Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Wear: Lolitas in the Park

I've been feeling kind of gross for the last week or so so I manages to convince Heather to dress up with me for a few hours the other day for a feel good excursion to a park.

I put Heather in my rainbow lolita, she didn't know what she would be wearing, which accounts for the black shoes.

I washed it after the last time I wore it, and forgot I had not ironed it.

The bow looks perfect with Heather long braids.

Me in my mostly finished Birthday dress. I think I'm going to wear this dress to a Lolita meetup that I'm going to at the end of the month.

It's also my first time wearing my new pig tales out. Haven't gotten around to dyeing them yet, which is fine since I can use them for other items. I'm wearing them with a short blonde bob that I have pinned back behind me ears. I bought the bob a few years ago for another costume.

Pay special attention to the bodice of the dress, I did my very best to make sure the strawberries and cherries lined up all the way around. And the bodice has 6 to 8 parts so I think it's quite a feat. I tried to do the same with the skirt, but I was running out of fabric so I kind of did and kind of didn't.

We didn't stay at the park long, as the most colorful things there we were continually bombarded with bees. They particularly enjoyed Heathers hair bow.


  1. I didn't relize that you put so much effort into the bodice. Great job! I like the wig, too.

  2. That dress is absolutely lovely! Your hair looks lovely and natural too. Such a cute outfit!