Monday, October 18, 2010

Simple Cheap Halloween Costumes for Geeks

For those geeks who for whatever reason wait too long, or have no money for Halloween shopping I give you six costumes ideas where ideally you would only have to buy/make 1 or two items. Thus saving your wallets money, and you time.

1. Buffy Summers

All you need is a blond hair, a stake, and and outfit straight out of the mid nineties.

2. Arthur Dent

Most comfortable costume ever! Wear pajamas and the all important robe, and don't forget a towel. Bonus points to those find a small yellow fish to stick in their ear.

3. James Woods from Family Guy

Find a blue suit and a red tie, carry around a bag of Reese's Pieces and continually proclaim. "Oh piece of candy."

4. Clark Kent

No you're not cool enough to be Superman, but find your self some thick rimmed glasses and a super nerdy beige suit and you could be his alter ego. For those of you who just can't stand it, put a Superman T-shirt under the suit and every time someone takes a picture you can epicly rip it open.

5. Mary Jane Watson

Red hair, slight cat eye makeup and carry around something Spiderman related. Also it would be pretty easy to find an outfit that was directly from the pages of a comic.

6. Liz Sherman

Dark hair, black clothing, only very basic makeup (no eyeliner for Liz people). Buy blue cellophane and crumple a piece into a fire-like ball to hold in your hand for pictures. To be extra cool cut up pieces of cellophane into fire like shapes and glue them to your skin using spirit gum.

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