Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daily Wear: Pumpkin Patch

Who goes to a dusty old pumpkin patch dressed to the nines? I DO!!!

I've been wanting to dress lolita at this pumpkin patch for awhile now. How cute do all the pumpkins look in the background of these photos?

I wore pretty much this same outfit for Decembers National Lolita Day last year. I made the skirt myself, the leg warmers came from Sock Dreams, and the blouse from Forever 21.

The back with my awesome wig that Maura left me before moving to Japan. I only have custody of it until she comes back. Which is in about 5 years, I'm pale enough to pull off a red head, it's lots of fun!

It's not amazing quality wig fiber, Maura had been afraid to brush it, but I was fed up and took one to it. It looks great, there will be better pictures of it coming later.

My eyeshadow! I took photos of this at the end of the day so I'm tired, and couldn't get decent pictures of the lids. But the shadows are Aromaleigh: Golden Chrysalis on the inner corners, Dragonfly on the bottom lash line, and I went over that with Just Like Heaven to darken it up just a bit.

And though you can't see the lids are Chloe, Coral Fang (which dyed my lids again), Flutterby, and more Golden Chrysalis. With Marigold as a highlight on the brow bone.

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