Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aromaleigh Spells Collection

I've bought a friend of mine the full sample collection of Spells as a Christmas gift. She's not the type to wear eyeshadow often, but she adores Harry Potter and is always saying she wants to pick up makeup samples, I figured this would be perfect for her. This collection is more muted then other Aromaleigh shadows, the colors will appeal to her and flatter her coloring.

Oh course I couldn't help swatching them to see that they look like before wrapping them up for her. Heather lent her arm for the the occasion, this is how I'm gonna swatch makeup from now on, so much easier to take a picture of someone else's arm then it is my own.

From left to right we have:
  • Serpensortia: Greenish gold with purple sparkles
  • Aparecium: An ultra pale gray green/blue with gold shimmer and rainbow sparkle
  • Priori encantate: Rich brown with silvery green shimmer and rainbow sparkle.
  • Morsmordre: Blackened indigo with rainbow sparkle
  • Silencio: Khaki ultra pale green with a gold shimmer and rainbow sparkle
  • Orchideous: A pinky violet with rainbow sparkle
  • Expecto Patronum: Steal gray with silver shimmer and rainbow sparkle
  • Alohomora: Dark coppery brown with gold sparkles
  • Finite: Very pale beige gold shimmer with pink/green sparkle
  • Incendio: Bright peachy orange with gold shimmer and purple sparkles
Once again from left to right:
  • Crucio: Wine red shimmer with pink sparkle
  • Expelliarmus: Brick red with a gold shimmer
  • Imperio: Smokey gray blue/purple with rainbow sparkle
  • Riddikulus: Violet with blue shimmer and rainbow sparkle
  • Stupefy: Aqua blue with stunning silver shimmer teal/purple sparkle
  • Impervius: Warm dark gray/blue/green with a silver shimmer with rainbow sparkle
  • Fidelius: Darkened brassy gold with rainbow sparkle and LOTS of red sparkle
  • Nox: Complex dark brown with tones of purple, blue, and silver with purple sparkle.
  • Lumos: Pale buttercup yellow with gold shimmer and red/purple sparkle
  • Protego: Dark khaki gray/green/gold shimmer with rainbow sparkle
  • Tarantellegra: Champagne beigey neutral with amazing silvery shimmer and loaded with rainbow sparkle
  • Wingardium Leviosa: Dusty antique purple with rainbow sparkle
  • Obliviate: Bright inky purple with rainbow sparkle
  • Rictusempra: Rosy dark brown with copper sparkle
  • Diffindo: Blue/green with gold shimmer and blue/green sparkle
My favorites: Sempensortia, Aparecium, Silencio, Impervius, Protego, Tarantellegra

Heathers Favorites: Orchideous, Riddikulus, Stupefy, Obliviate. Heather is biased she pretty much likes purple regardless, but the silvery blue of Syupefy impressed her.

Colors that did nothing for me: Orchideous, Incendio, Diffindo. Also I swatched Crucio and Expelliarmus next to each other purely by chance, they are different from one another, but so close that Heather and I both agreed they might as well be the same color.

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