Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cinderella Photoshoot

I did this shoot last May, my photographer was taking awhile to get the photos back to me, in fact I still don't have them all. But I believe I have enough now to make a blog post.

The place I was shooting at was an old Disney studio back in the 20's. There were some rooms that were not too bad, but most the the place was falling apart. There were several people shooting that day. One of the photographers ran a photography school and he rented out the building for the day for his students, and after the class was over he invited some of his friends to use the building along with him.

I was invited by Luke Olsen, who did most of my shoot that day, he was really nice and explained a lot about lighting techniques, which I was trying to learn a little bit about. He was really excited to shoot in this particular room with the curved windows.

My favorite so far.

This picture was taken in a freight elevator. I really do like the concept and the lighting, I just don't like my dress in this picture. It just looks so awkward.


  1. I adore the last picture. I don't think the dress looks awkward at all, it looks very full and princess like. The lighting and the plainness of the background really sets you off how beautiful you are.