Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Aromaleigh Mythos Collection

I did a trade with Miss K for some eyeshadow and she got some of the vintage jewelry I collected when I was a little girl. I was a frequent visitor of, garage and estate sales as a child, if it was big and shinny and I had enough money in my pocket it was mine.

I was sent the full sample set of the Mythos collection, several full sizes of the Spells collection (What I asked for). And something called the Astronomical collection that I've never seen before, which I swatched in an earlier post.

From left to right:

Hermes: Peachy beige with rainbow sparkle.
Aphrodite: Bubblegum pink with rainbow sparkle.
Gaia: Medium pink, slightly dusty with gold and pink sparkle.
Hestia: A fascinating vintage rose color with rainbow sparkle.
Eos: Rosy coppery brown, very shimmery.
Hera: A lilac pink with silver shimmer and rainbow sparkle.
Ananke: A fuchsia with rainbow sparkle.
Athena: Bordeaux wine with rainbow sparkle.
Asteria: Brilliant violet with rainbow sparkle.
Dionysus: Deep plum with gold and rainbow sparkle.

From left to right:

Hyperion: Mustard yellow with gold shimmer and pink and red sparkles.
Tethys: Golden olive green with purple sparkles.
Demeter: Bright grass green with gold shimmer and gold sparkles.
Theia: A soft seafoam with gold glitter.
Neptune: A slivery aqua shimmer with rainbow sparkle.
Selene: Silvery pale lilac with rainbow sparkle.
Artemis: A pale silvery blue with purple shimmer.
Apollo: Light silvery blue with pink sparkle.
Phoebe: Bright ocean blue with gold shimmer.
Nyx: Plush dark periwinkle with rainbow sparkle.
Hades: Blackened green like beetle wings with rainbow sparkle.

Erebos: Deep dark purple with rainbow sparkle.
Chronos: Chocolate brown with gold shimmer and rainbow sparkles.
Zeus: Beautiful paled out gold with gold shimmer and gold sparkle.
Rhea: Amazing sliver, diamond, rainbow.

Favorites of this collection include Rhea, Zeus, Nyx, Hades, Hestia, and Athena.


  1. Great swatches . Mythos is such a bright collection . I love it .

  2. Thank you so much^^. It is an awesome collection!