Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Lolita Christmas

This is my first entry for a series I'm doing this year about how to have a Lolita specific Christmas. I'm starting with sweet first because sweet has a lot of icons associated with it and will be the easiest to talk about.

I want to give a small disclaimer before I start that this series is not about me telling Lolitas what kinds of ornaments they should be using. I just enjoyed thinking up avaunt guarde ideas, and maybe someone somewhere will get some use out of it. If not, it was still fun to make.

Christmas Tree
A pastel pink tree is always what I think of when I think Sweet style at Christmas time, maybe you can find one with opalescent 'needles' added in to give extra sparkle, but any pastel color would be cute. I like the idea of a white tree although I've heard people say they're tacky, but I like the idea of being able to put different lights on it and being able to have whatever color tree I want.

Cupcakes and candy would be natural to find on a sweet Christmas tree. You can usually find pastel candy canes this time of year and these holiday lights from Candy Lights are perfect. If you want to go a little bit cheaper on the ornaments, hair accessories, jewelry, and bejeweled silk flowers make stunning and cheap decorations. For a tree topper stars and angels still work, but maybe try something different like a pretty mask, a favorite doll, a favored stuffed animal, or even a floral bouquet.

Stocking Stuffer
Of course sweet brands like Angelic Pretty, and Metamorphose are always good. But most of us can't afford that, items like pastel jewelry, baking or crafting supplies, and cute candy work. Also trips to nice restaurants or bakeries, stuffed animals, and lovely purses. Itty Bitty Birdy sells lovely looking hair ornaments as well as other accessories, Bitter Sweet 12 makes cute and reasonably priced food shaped jewelry. If your looking for something pricey (but usually still cheaper then brand) Order Abandon is a millinery studio that makes unique custom hats, many with a lolita theme. Ask them about custom orders.

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