Friday, December 10, 2010

Roses Baby Shower

Roses friends Christa and Teal put together an amazing party for Rose, and Heather was nice enough to provide the accommodations. She was excited to have a party she didn't have to set up or clean up after. I got there early to help deccorate, although my contribution was minimal compared to theirs I was glad to help.

They made some delicious food, they turned the bar into a dessert bar. The cupcakes were homemade with wonderfully sugary butter cream frosting. The yellow ones were bright neon and hard to look at but still tasty.

Sandwiches, fruits, and veggies were on the main table. Tomato, bacon, and cream cheese sandwiches in the shape of hearts, so cute.

Teal made elephant shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I love them!

Group munching in the stairs.

Teal and Rose eating together. Surprise photo!

After food, Rose opened presents. The theme for little baby James is animal print and he got a bunch of that, including a Soothe and Glow Seahorse that I wanted to steal, but now I know there's a pink one, so maybe I'll pick that one up for myself at a later date.

Shannon is a present too, he's now an indentured servant for Rose.

We played several games including Baby Pictionary. That's Maura on the computer trying to guess what the picture is along with the rest of us.

Another game we played was Bobbing for Rubber Duckies. The goal was to get as many ducks out of the bowl in a minute. Heather won with 11 ducks, though she has played the game before.

Me with my beloved sandwich.

It was a lovely party, more games then I mentioned on this post, tons of fun, I hope everyone else had a good time too.


  1. I love this - thank you for sharing ^_^ :D !

  2. Thank you^^! It was an adorable party.

  3. HA! I just read a couple of party posts where you complained about lack of planning or some annoying person or other sucking the life out of the party, but Rose's baby shower? Perfect! I am so honored!

    Also, looking at these pictures makes me realize how much weight I lost in Korea. It makes me miss Rose and James really bad though. :(

  4. It was a good party, I don't know I might just be burnt out on parties.

    Also, stress will make you loose weight like crazy.