Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Classic Lolita Christmas

Christmas Tree
A classic tree for a classic lolita, I think she would looks lovely next to a real tree and would find the real scent of pine romantic for this time of year. There are many different species of Christmas trees to choose from with Balsam Fir being one of the most popular the branches grow thickly together making it look fluffy, It's longevity after being cut makes it extremely popular. Nobel Fir is another popular choice, it's flat wide branches are quite stiff and bend upward exposing the branches below. It's ideal if you're the type of person who likes to store smaller gifts on the tree itself.

Fruit or woodland shaped ornaments would look lovely on your real tree. Dried or sugared fruit would look nice as well as provide a lovely scent. Fake birds are often cheap and easy to find at craft or thrift stores, attach a alligator clip to their feet and you can have a menagerie of birds adorning your tree. Wired ribbon makes a good garland, you have more color choices too. Save the spool so you can wind it back up after Christmas is over and use it again next year.

Fat traditional multicolored Christmas lights, small white ones, or safety lights shaped like candles would all look pretty on your tree. Antique brass, wood, or county cloth ornaments as well. Try topping your tree with a bouquet of fluffy bows, a birds nest, or a rough cut star made out of honey colored wood.

Stocking Stuffer
Chocolates are usually wonderful, try giving her interesting flavors like lemon truffle, chili, or passion fruit. A good book works, try looking for an antique version of one of her favorites, or even a lovely book mark. Stuffed animals are sometimes good but remember it's quality over quantity. Purses should be durable and made out of sumptuous fabric like buttery soft leather, velvet, or silk.

Brand items from stores like Mary Magdalen, Innocent World, and Victorian Maiden and loved like a best friend. Vintage jewelry might be easier on your pocket though, Amaranth Opulent run by popular lolita blogger Miss Lumpy makes wonderful eco friendly jewelry that many lolita would love to get their hands on. Butterfly jewelry from My Bugs may also be a winner, Items like romantic stationary, loose leaf tea, or scrap booking items may also be a winning idea for your lolita.


  1. Oh God I'm reading through your lolita Christmas posts and it's like porn. Beautiful beautiful visual stylish Christmassy lolita porn. You can't ask for better! Unless you did move themed trees. For example, Gone with the Wind tree, Marie Antoinette tree, etc. YES!

  2. By the way, I totally want a bird's nest at the top of my next Christmas tree :D Genius idea!

  3. They weren't really popular when I originally posted them I think. But it was a lot of fun to write them and put the pictures together that it was hard to care.

    I LOVE the idea of putting a birds nest as a tree topper, and then maybe finding jeweled eggs to put in it!

  4. Oh my gosh! Jeweled eggs would be amazing!

    Popular or no, I wish you'd done more. Like a country lolita, etc.

  5. Something to think about for next year I guess.