Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Narnia and Dinner

I awhile back I was contacted to do some promotions when the new Narnia movie came out, I was asked to play Susan Pevensie (even thought she's not in The Dawn Treader, right?). This was almost frightening for me, have you seen Anna Popplewell? She looks like a baby Angelina Jolie but even Angelina went through an awkward stage!!!
I know I'm not a dog or anything, but I know I don't look like that.

SEE! Gorgeous! Who could compete with that?

And then there's me, still pretty, but not Jolie pretty, *sigh* I look so plain compared to them! They provided a costume for me, it was a little big so I pinned it on but I'm still 80% sure I flashed my bra to some little kids that day. I felt kinda bad, there was a little 9 year old being my Lucy and she was way too big for her costume, which was just a smaller version of mine. The costume was in the middle quality wise, not Halloween quality, but not an nice as something I would have made for myself.

I am SUPER mad at myself, I couldn't keep my camera on me, my stuff was locked in a storage closet that only one lady had the key too and she was busy, I didn't want to bother her when it was my break time. But the movie theater had a real live baby lion, there was a boys choir, and others dressed up with me, and I got NONE OF IT ON FILM! I also ran the crown toss booth, which was a ring toss, but with crowns. But I have no proof, and you know what they say, "pictures or it didn't happen".

After the gig I was very tired and hungry, I went to Teals and made her get dinner with me at the 'A La' food carts.

I wanted fondue but they were closed so I grabbed an Turkey Cranberry sandwich from Omnomnom instead.

Jeeze, it looks like such a simple sandwich, but it's really freaking good. It smells amazing, I also bought a cup of Bone Soup from Over the Top, my joints are going to be super lubricated!

Eating... still in the wig. Once wigs go on they don't come off until I get home.

Teal grabbed an eggplant Parmesan from Shut Up and Eat.

I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it.

She also got tea from the Coffee Can Cafe cart. I enjoyed the amount of C's in the name.

After dinner it was off to Voodoo Too for doughnuts. The pink building was all decked out for the season.

They even had a little diorama type thingy across the parking lot. Where random creepy/cute creatures sat in the rain.

Voodoo doughnuts of awesomeness.

Seasonal peppermint doughnut, I don't think it had a name but I wanted to call it the 'White Out'. I don't know if this tasted good or bad, it was somewhere between the frosting in a mint Oreo, and mouthwash.


  1. My best friend Melissa looks almost exactly like Anna Poppelwell. Right down to her (natural) haircolor.

    Your costume is great! And I totally agree, once the wig is on, it's not off until you get home. Especially if your hair has a tendency to stick when it's been pushed a certain way for a long time. Like mine.

  2. Aww she's so lucky!

    Yeah time under a wig cap does nothing for my hair. Mainly it just feels oily after awhile.