Friday, December 17, 2010

Confusing Environmentalism

The other day I taught for the Dept. of Interiors at the Fish and Wildlife Office. As I was teaching I noticed a few entertaining hand drawn posters that I giggled over, and I thought you might too.

This poster seems to be a little vague in it's message, in fact if you didn't already know that artificial light discourages the female loggerhead sea turtle from nesting it might go over you're head entirely. I like how the artist simplified the house, turtle, and ocean, but seems to have attempted Van Goghs 'Starry Night' up top. It's as if they realized they could do no better and gave up.

The kids that got away with this was genius! He thought he could get away with a simple traced fish, I mean that is most defiantly a light board trace. And then he had the balls to write with 'simple' lettering, 'Damn your power'. All while giggling behind his hand at what he was about to get away with. Some teacher probably made him add the 'save our fish!' part. It does look like an add on, but we all know what was going on in that head of his. We salute you oh crafty one!

Where to start with this one? How about the huge wording so you realize this poster is about owls, but it takes you awhile to find the actual owl in this picture. Go ahead, look for it I'll wait.... Have you found it? Good. Now what is the owl doing? If you answered going down the crazy slide at Six Flags you may want to have a trusted friend check you for the crazy. Didn't you realize this was a Burrowing Owl? You didn't? Well it says so right on the poster, can't you see it? It's... well, it's... Hmm.

OH! Right there's between 'This', and 'Owl?' how could you miss that! *chuckles heartily to herself*

What's that, you're pretty sure Burrowing Owls do not dig huge mazes in the dirt like a colony of ants? That's crazy talk, as you can see from the poster they certainly do.

I think this was meant to rhyme, but it falls short. Probably because some politically correct teacher made their students add the word 'help'. Believing that somebody somewhere would be dumb enough to read this poster and think, "Dragonflys will protect us from West Nile? Hallelujah!" And then perhaps this one true idiot would foster a Dragonfly army and lead them to the edge of a swamp to do battle with the evil Mosquitoes, where he would then contract West Nile. And in this death throws he would curse Dragonflys for not protecting him, and the poster that lead him astray.

So yeah, Mr. Teacher, thank you for helping us prevent natural selection.

Oh the puns, the puns!

I had to save the best for last, this little guy is 'stumped about where to live'. Could it be because he's not certain WHAT HE IS. He looks like a pet of the monsters from 'Where The Wild Things Are'. His, what looks like naked, and freckled body seems to suggest a warmer climate, while his furry head tells a different story. The vaguely human face suggests apartment in the ghetto but most managers have policies against renting to science experiments gone wrong. Even the message is up for grabs, his slumped ears seem sad, but his wide, dark, cavernous grin seems to be in support of homelessness.

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