Monday, December 20, 2010

A Red Cross Christmas Makeup

A week ago I walked into work to find that it had been decked out for the holidays.

Not something we normally do but there had been a party at the office for the volunteers and they decided to leave the decorations up for everyone to look at.

This small fiber optic tree was on my desk so I could stare at it on my down time, so cute!

That day I happened to be wearing some adorable makeup that I thought was festive and grabbed some quick photos of it.

Colors are Aromaleigh Zeus, Neptune, Retrograde, with Wizards Gold as a highlight, and Hades under the lower lash line. Isn't it cool that I managed to use all three brothers in this makeup look?

The eye is stunning, the colors look amazing together. If you have similar colors in your makeup box please try it out!


  1. I know it's a random thing to say, but I think you are incredibly beautiful.

  2. Aww you're so sweet, thanks so much.