Friday, January 7, 2011

Etsy Review: My Bugs

There was a booth at a bazaar I went to recently that had a table full of real butterfly jewelry laminated and placed on earrings or necklaces. They were so delicate and beautiful, I really wanted one but the prices were too high for me to justify buying it. I put it out of my mind for awhile, but I just kept thinking there must be a better place to buy something like this?

In comes MyBugs an Etsy company based in Malaysia, they have a huge selection and really good deals. They're very up front about their methods on collecting the wings, they wait until the butterfly dies naturally. I know it's silly but it does make me feel a bit better about the whole thing.

Shipping was very quick considering where it came from, the items are flat so they were layered in cardboard and then wrapped in bubble wrap. There was almost no way these guy would be ruined en-route without some gross negligence on part of the post office.

The earrings are very light as expected, perfect for someone who like dangle-y but not heavy. Surgical steel hooks are used instead of nickle or silver plated, which I like cause a few of my friends have allergy's. The necklaces have a nice leather cord, it's not my style, but it works. You do have to be careful with the wings themselves, they're only laminated obviously and will bend if mistreated.

I was warned that because each butterfly is unique sometimes coloring or patterns will be off. But each one looked to fine to me, so I'm going to say that usually the human eye cannot differentiate one blue morpho from another unless it's really obvious.

They make a lovely statement, when I gave them to my friends for Christmas not one of them realized it was a real butterfly wing at first. They seemed to appreciate the gift more after that. Maybe wearing something that was once alive makes the gift more special.

I would order from this company again, they're prices are reasonable, shipping is quick, and the product is quality for the price your paying. I can reasonably say that if you spend your money on this company you won't be disappointed.


  1. The white earrings are stunning! Though I loved my teal ones, of course,

  2. I think I like the little ones I gave Maura the best.