Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daily Wear: Rogue Ale House

Maura left for Japan again the other day, I didn't get to see her as much as I wanted to, but she wasn't here that long and at least we got to do the Christmas photo. Costumes are important you know.

Maura wanted to go to Rogue cause she likes the beer, they grabbed a quiet room in the back that had a bunch of neon signs on the walls. The only one lit however was this one...of course. I made Maura poke it.

Here are Rose and Teal with their too drunk faces. Don't worry, these are mostly water glasses.

Maura and Jamil.

Maura got me the shirt and leg warmers for Christmas. they were so cute I had to wear them as soon as I found an occasion.
Isn't it pretty, it's super sparkly in real life. Although It's still hard to believe she charges what she does for them.

I like this picture for some reason. Randalls pretty tall, he forgets to crouch when I ask him to take pictures for me.

Makeup is Aromaleigh Ananke, Gaia, Hermes, and Pink Fingers. The result is a lovely soft look.

I really like using Pink Fingers in the inner corner and inner the bottom lash line.

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